stoke newington & dalston

11 July 2011

the other day, we went to the North London. I have never been keen on that side of the river, always get a strange vibe. But we found this area is pretty nice, and a little more like the sunny south!

lots of knackered old furniture to rummage through...we found nothing here though, just as well as it wouldn't fit in our car anyways!

the most beautiful dentists, ...I haven't been to the dentist since half my teeth were removed when I was but just a nipper, leaving me with my trademark toothless gob. BUT, I might be pursued to go in here.

nice crumbly old industrial work houses, which now house a lot of old furniture and bits.

we found this lady selling hand knitted things from her suitcase on the pavement, Nao bought some mouse socks, £5, bargain!

we followed these nuns to a jumble sale in a scout hall, but alas we came away empty handed.

we visited a nice urban garden, where people were Latin dancing, I felt strangely embarrassed as it is kind of intimate! we looked meaningfully at the plants and then left!

after visiting a few other lovely shops on our list, we made our way home to Peckham, via one of our fave pubs for dinner.

more Halloumi salad for me, and seafood pie for Nao.

I had a lovely time up North, and I am a little more at ease there, but, my heart is in the South for sure : )

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