Presenting: Nao's shed

13 June 2011


So here it is!...Nao's completed shed! You can see the first stage of the build here.
After a lot of umming and ahhring, we decided to move the whole thing to the other side of the garden!
I took these pictures today as it is the first day working in his shed.
As you can see, Nao likes to repair old leather bags that we find in the flea markets. He came to Britain when he was just 18 and studied shoemaking at Cordwainers {although he gave up without finishing the course} but he still loves working with leather.

The shed itself is a bog standard 4 x 6 ft {same as mine} but is a different layout with the door on the wide section and the windows at the end. He painted the walls white and the floor is a very light grey.

He attached a pole underneath a shelf for hanging and storing leather satchels and Gladstones can sit on the top. Some of these will be appearing for sale in The Bucket Tree.
The table he rescued from our garden, he sanded it down and uses it as his work bench.

The lamp has yet to be renovated! but it looks great none the less.

He found an old bag full of leather straps and handles in the market recently which he has been oiling and polishing today, we think they may be from horse saddles.

I especially love the lion knocker! The old brick by the door is stamped with the letter 'N'!
He painted the outside in grey and sanded it down slightly and then put a coat of wax over the top. A lot of work but the finish is really nice and mat.

Now that the shed has been moved to the other side of the garden, the view from my shed now looks like this...

Now we are officially Mr & Mrs Shed! {you can see more of my shed here and here}

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