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12 June 2011

I found this little box in the market last week, it was only like tuppence or something, but I loved the feel of the wood, and of course, the lock and key! In side was a bit manky though...

...kind of like some invertebrates were living in it for the last hundred years.  So today I set about improving its looks...{well, I'd like to think so anyway!}

I had this tiny scrap of fabric left from some I also found at a market, I think it is French 1920-30s cotton cloth. I love the pattern so much, but it was too small to do anything with, until now that is. 
I cut two pieces of thick card and covered them in the fabric using double sided tape. Then i did the sides, turning over the edges at the same time sticking it in. Then pressed the top and bottom pieces in. A bit fiddly but not too bad.

now I can keep some treasures in there, like my grandma's topaz ring I inherited, and maybe some other bits and bobs. The key is very nice too, I thought it would be nice to wear around my neck, so no theifs can nick my goodies.

on another note, a very lovely reader of Junkaholic, sent Nao and I these beautiful pots which she made herself! A card came with them, explaining that she was making these at the time of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and so thought they should be for us {as Nao's hometown was devastated by the tsunami}, she even engraved our names on the bottom!

We were both very moved by this, also because the pots have a slightly Japanese feel, and will look great in out flat too. Thank you so much Sarah, they are beautiful!! X

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