farewell my wedding dress.

7 May 2011


I had some fun in the meadow today, taking some last pictures of my wedding dress before it gets the chop.

by that I mean, I am going to make it knee length so that I can wear it more. The idea of having a dress which you can not wear seems a bit sad to me. I made this dress out of a 1930s dress which previously had arms and a lining {and lots of holes!} you can see it here

I really wanted Cow Parsley {the plant above} for our wedding, as i love it and its free and its a weed. Unfortunatley the timing was a bit wrong as we got engaged at the end of May and married two months later in the middle of August, so English flowers had pretty much all dried up by that time. So i might keep a few of these pics in my wedding album so I did get the flowers i wanted in the end!

I stuffed those weeds on my head very randomly as you can see, I had no mirror in the meadow and most of the pictures I discovered I had a big bit of grass hanging down my cheek, a bit too country bumpkin even for me!

I love the spring flowers popping up everywhere, seems like everything is desperate to grow. I wish I would grow a bit taller too. {at 33 that is quite unlikely I suppose}.
I'll post some pictures of my new shortened dress soon!

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