Bucket Tree update: vintage wedding dresses!

21 May 2011

Yes! i have finally gotten around to uploading some of my collection of vintage dresses to the Bucket Tree.
Some of these would be great for a wedding and some even ARE wedding dresses! Most of them are from the 1930s. I tried my best to model them, but my 5ft 1 inch frame is not ideal for this kind of thing, plus feeling like an idiot in wedding clobber in our garden...neighbours must be very confused! 
But they just don't do it on the hanger as they are mostly bias-cut. Anyway, they are all in the 'wedding' section of the Bucket Tree if you'd like to take a peek.

I have been collecting these for many years now, so I feel like they are old friends! I do hope they get a new life and actually be worn instead of hiding in my suitcase!
p.s. those millinery pieces were going to be used for my wedding, but I had so many in the end I couldn't chose!

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