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26 April 2011

If you've noticed a slight abscence of junkaholique, that would be because over in Blightly, we have been treated to two bank holidays, AND a heat wave, all at the same time...what's the catch? and wait for this...there's even another two bank holidays this weekend too. I just cant wipe the smile off my face, cheers Willy & Katy! We have had two little breaks, the first was during the week, we went to Ardingly antiques fair {more about that later} and we sayed one night in an Oast house B&B. {Oast house's are old  funny shaped building used for making beer in}. Next day we went to Camber Sands, a massive sandy beach...

Lizards, in Britain? who'd of known it, eh.

going a slight shade of lobster.

we had lunch in Rye...

we have been to these places before if you've been reading my blog for a couple of years, you might remember?

We had to go back to London to meet a few deadlines, but...
Next trip {friday} we squished our big tent {and various necessary accoutrements} into our Micra, and made our way through the traffic to...


Which is kind of a neighbour of the Isle of Wight {where I'm from}...we camped at a lovely farm near Corfe Castle. I fell in love with all the animals. and started counting up which ones I could squeeze into our Micra.

at Lulworth Cove...the water was clearer than sparkling mineral water.

and colder than Pluto.

but extremely beautiful, wow!

I attempted a little supper making...

and picked a few weeds from obliging hedgerows...

and some flowers from the farm's plant stalls.
meanwhile...pasta with fresh tomato sauce and parsley...

tasty! {but lets face it, anything warm when you are camping is tasty}.
Next morning, a hike to Durdle Door...

...with caves bigger than our flat.

'bluebells, bluebells, bluebells!' I screached, as Nao slamed down the brakes.

after roasting ourselves some more on the beach, we went exploring, and ended up in Weymouth, a large-ish touristy, fishing town/port type place. With stunning Georgian buildings everywhere...

...and lots of bright red drunk peple.

and then back to Corfe Castle, which has the most cutest stone cottages, strangely all the doors were my height and the windows were at my eye level...something I had never experienced before {5ft 0 inches me}

last day we went to Kimmerage, a little cove with weird things going on with the cliffs.

and lots of sea life to keep me amused while the adult reads stuff.

I can confirm that there were no new dinosaurs to report.

Then sadly we had to pack up our home on the farm, and I still miss this little buddy that kept bleating all night, waking me up. I hope he/she is not for the chop, I can't bear it!

 I put my flowers by the sheep's fence, and as we drove away, he/she started eating them!

look at those little horns...argh...please live little fellow!

In fact, I hope all the animals will still be there next time we visit!

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