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13 March 2011

...all dear readers for your lovely words of support, I know Nao really appreciates it.

We have been waiting for any news from Kesennuma all weekend, and from what we thought initially was not too bad, has now unfolded into something completely incomprehensible.

Nao is fortunate to have had at least some contact with his immediate family after the tsunami, but since friday all communications have broken. We believe that we have seen nao's mum on the roof of the town hall {where Nao last had word from her on Friday} amongst a group including the special needs children that she teaches, being airlifted to safety, although we cant say for absolute certainty.
We don't know where any of them are now and on top of that there is now the issue of the Nuclear power station which is terrifying.

If anyone has any information that could help, or ways to contact the evacuation centres of Kesennuma or Sendai, {as there are many people still we dont know about}, we'd be very grateful. I know this is unlikely at the moment though.

Many thanks again, and my best wishes go out to all those in Japan that read this blog. Our deepest sympathy to those who have lost friends and loved ones, or who've not heard anything yet.

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