tales of Canterbury

2 March 2011


a couple of weekends ago, the junkaholic + husbondo, when off on a day excursion from dusty ol'London, to the misty spires of Canterbury. It's about an hours drive from our flat. 

on arrival, i was quite stunned by how tidy and well stocked its town centre is, little cobbled streets filled with 16th century shops. Many delightful eateries to choose from too. Also, a small canal with no shopping trollies...

rather liked this idea for covering old lamp shades and chairs, hmm...

of course the main reason for visiting Canterbury has to be to visit the cathedral no?

it was quite spectacular indeed, being not of the god worshipping variety, I always feel a bit of a hypocrite to visit churches, but from an Architectural point of view...bloody amazing!

after wandering and wondering, we had a refuel at the local cafe, and then off in search of other delights. And, after getting lost yet again! we happened across the smallest village in the world, that has a small river as its main road!

and I'm guessing these are the locals...

and then, after that, we went back to London, stopping off for our post 3pm cup of tea and slice o'cake, at... Rochester, where there were honestly the wonkiest buildings in Britain that are still standing, just about...

{sorry, the one on the right is not wonky, its just nice!}
and we saw Rochester cathedral, which I hear, is the subject of new mahoosive movie, coming out soon. The atmosphere was pretty gloomy, I don't think even ghostly ghouls would be bothered to get out of their coffins.
Drizzle, dark, cold winds, ...yum.

spectacular none the less, but I kept thinking of Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre, i can see why he was so blimmin moody now!
ANYways, well worth a trip if your out that way!

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