dolly parton dress

22 March 2011


I had the urge to put on something colourful this morning and try my hand at looking smart{ish}. It is going to be 18 degrees today apparently, according to the beeb. I decided to take some pics in the garden and in my newly cleaned shed.

above is my new bird bag, a birthday pressie from Nao. It has a huge red bird on the back too.
also, that cameo ring is the first ever setting i made. I think the cameo is from around 1920s, I found it at a lapidary, in an old box of random cameos. I love the colour, and regardless that I made in myself...i actually really like this ring!

the dress is from 70s/80s, hilarious Dolly Parton stylee. I love the colour of it, and its the only shade of red that my pasty tones can take. I have a few dresses like this, and they are all made in UK. Oh my heritage!

Plimsoll does not like to be Papped.
Anyway, i have a mountain of jewellery on my desk that needs to be finished today...yaaawwwnnn... ; )

p.s. you can see more of this nonsense on my flickr here.

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