arigato gozaimasu.

14 March 2011


Thank you all again for your kind comments and helpful links.
I wish I could search more, but the lists being posted on the interent are all in Japanese characters that I cant understand, very frustrating!
We are still waiting and holding our breath for people that have not been in contact with Nao's family. Its still early days...

If you can afford to, please give a donation to the Red Cross, it says British Red Cross, but all their donations go directly to the Japanese Red Cross. The Red Cross have already set up hospitals and shelters, giving out basic human needs, so at least those survivors don't have to worry about the cold and thirst and hunger on top of finding their families.

{kesennuma photo from here}

Later on we {Rust jewellery} are going to organising various ways to support Nao's home town of Kesennuma. We will be giving and raising donations as much as we possibly can. His town has been simply ripped apart, and schools and homes will need rebuilding. We are only small in the scale of things, but it is all we can do.
More about this will follow shortly, but in the mean time the Red Cross and other life saving charities are the first step to keeping people alive.

A big thank you from Nao, and Artemis!

P.S. Normal blogging will resume shortly, but thank you for bearing with junkaholique during this time.

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