"after the rain has gone..."

16 March 2011

Yesterday we heard fantastic news, Nao's brother in-law is safe and well. He turned up at their house in Kesennuma! Luckily he managed to escape the Tsunami in his car, whilst at his work in the next town. We are so relieved for Nao's sister who is expecting their first baby next month. It truly is a miracle that none of Nao's family is missing, or worse. There are so many 'what if...s' that don't bare thinking about. A massive sigh of relief in our house today, but now we are worried about the power station. 
My heart breaks for those people who have lost their families...it is so horrific and I hope there will be people around to support them. It is so cruel.

So, we feel very selfish to be in a happier mood now, and i have been thinking a lot about how lucky we are not to have these kind of problems here in the UK.

It was both of our birthdays during this nightmare, mine just the day before. I got some lovely pressies, like these Narcissus sent all the way from the Scilly Isles! they smell gorgeous.

they arrived in this box, amazing! Thank you Marie & Blaise X

This book is fascinating, its all about the colours of Japan, from textiles and ceramics and paintings. I love it! Thank you Nao's Mum XXX

Nao bought me a mug, not sure why he is laughing at me?

maybe its my terrible bed hair?

some delicious home made goodness from our Rust colleague Eiko. Its a mystery how everything she makes taste so good? wish i had that ability.

and my Mum sent us some beautiful ceramics, from the Isle of Wight!
Nao is having the mug with a cod on it. I am having the one with sprats on it.
I really love the design, don't know who made these, but if they are by you, let me know and I'll post a link!

I got a pressie for Nao too, his birthday was on monday, I can't say it was a happy one, maybe we will celebrate it another day. {It was an old fishing satchel, bottle of wine and some Neal's Yard bath salts}

...and a big thanks to Dan and Tara for the hugemungous box of biscuits and cakes! Jammy Dodgers, Tunnocks Tea Cakes, Mr.Kipling, you name it! I could literally dive into the box and swim around. X

another pressie and something to cheer us up a bit...

spring is coming!

p.s. again, thank you all for such kind comments, i do believe in the power of positive thinking, and to have you all on our side, I'm sure it has helped!

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