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1 February 2011

Still in that January funk, husbondo and I went for a mooch around Spitalfields on the weekend {again}.

i love that area of London, it like proper London, I could imagine Sherlock stepping out of this barbers. In fact, {i couldn't get a photo} the barber is wearing a black bow tie and waistcoat with rolled up shirt sleeves...Guys out there, look and learn!

some urban street cat maintaining its crown jewels...

actually it must cost the better part of a million squid to live here, so although you'd imagine this cat to be riddled with fleas and living on chips, it probably eats Science Plan and has its teeth brushed daily at the vets.

anyway, enough of the locals, here is the Toy Museum!

this is on my intellectual level.

I love these 3-D theatres and such like, I'm thinking they would be great for displaying our jewellery.

some familiar toys that frequent the Bucket Tree!

im also inspired by old mechanical toys for some reason, think I might start a collection! {oh no}

I liked this alphabet board very much, and also this toy shop...

after all that excitement, we had some food at the Old coffee house {which is called something else now, but I forgot what!}.

we came up with some new ideas for the business and what we are going to do this year...all i can say this space!

Happy February Peeps! X

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