surrey hills and surroundings

15 February 2011

last saturday, after the car boot, we went on a little wander...this time around what people call the Surrey Hills. First off was Dorking. We were disappointed with what were described as Antique shops, were actually selling a lot of new stuff or Chippendale, ...yawn. So we had lunch and went on our merry way.

Next we went to a tiny village called Ockley. There was a large green in the middle {with a very muddy game of footie going on} two pubs, a post office that was also a bakers, a hairdressers and a school.
we went wandering about and got all soggy.

a short drive away was Leith Hill, which was absolutely beautiful and felt more like being in a cosy carpeted living room than a woods...

a nice place to pitch a tent me thinks {not on the nelly of Nation Trust i presume}

we then drove though tiny villages that consist of just one house and a church, through tunnelled roads. We suddenly realised that we had not had our usual cup of tea and slice 'o cake. But, at 3.55pm not a whiff to be sniffed. EVERYthing was shut. Oh dear, but hang on, Polesden Lacey, that sounds like the kind of place one could get a cup of tea in an emergency situation.

the cafe was closing at 4pm but at when we arrived at 4.20pm they looked at our poor blue faces and red noses, and kindly gave us take away tea and slice 'o cake and we sat outside Polesden Lacey house and admired the extroadinary view.

so with car boot full of goodies and bellies full of baddies, we made the long trip back to Peckhamshire!

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