sunny sunday

9 January 2011

here I am! sorry for the short interlude, my mind has been diverted from my blog somewhat, but now I am back again!

Today was the first sunny day in about three months! I felt the urge to take some photos around the flat as the sun came streaming through the window.

this dress {it is hanging up after being in the washing machine} is my most favourite dress, I have worn it so much in the last few years. it cost £4 from Leather Lane market. It was huge so I altered it on my sewing machine so that i could wear to Paris fashion week {we used to show our jewellery there} and during the exhibition, i remember two women whispering behind my back "that's that Chanel dress" ...ha ha! 
...the Icelandic jumper is a new find waiting for a hand wash before i can wear it...

a candle for Nao to enjoy whilst in the bath.

a picture made entirely of Harris Tweed.

 Plimsoll loves to sit under the light bulb...its her light therapy during the winter I think.

not only am i glued to the property websites, i have come down with ANOTHER cold! 
the sofa was my nest today.

i love this picture, its a 1920s screen print i found in the market.

 little domino xmas card and tiny tiny dish...

 ...and beautiful sweets that are too stunning to eat!...from the lovely lovely lady at 'more tea vicar'

 and Euston, our naked Paddington bear...

I'll be back in a few ticks for some more updates of our weekends!

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