petrified in time

23 January 2011


what else to do on a gloomy day in January than to go and see some dead stuff.
Stuff being the operative word, 'cause if you are a bit squeamish about taxidermy {as am i} then you might want to look away now.

We walked off to our local house of doom/education that is the Horniman Museum {no sniggering in the back row!} that houses are large collection or peculiar stuffed and fossilised critters. The fact that they were alive around the same time as Queen Victoria, and electric kettles had not yet been invented, makes me feel that its morally ok to look at them.

an amazing place that is well worth a visit, if not just for the beautiful mahogany display cabinets and parquet flooring.
In fact, there are lots of interior design ideas tucked away in this museum, especially the pastel colour backgrounds, utilitarian font and typewriter written paper labels. I loved the sea life cabinets that would look great in a bathroom me thinks.

some artefacts from the Isle of Wight, like me! {although I'd like to think I've aged better?}


Bull Dog or Sea Lion?

such a good colour palate, shall take this pic off to Dulux.

that IS a fish.

there is a small aquarium too, but DON'T go there on the weekend as squillions of small kids are running around screaming and you wont be able to get a cup of tea.

we found a nice pub nearby, we will miss this place when we move!

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