the dog and the orange

14 January 2011

some good things are happening over at chez junkolique! but more about that later...

For now, I thought I'd show you the beginnings of our springy display for our RUST showroom. Its not quite finish yet as I ran out of moss {using real moss this time as it seems to stay alive no matter what}.

a vintage enameled pear on 9ct gold chain, is the first of many {yet to be completed} items from our new collection...coming soon I promise.

We found the tree in our local garden centre, it had produced one rather plumptuous {is that a word?} orange which did make us fall for its charms. However, seconds after we had paid for it, it dropped off the tree, bounced onto the counter, then onto the floor landing at the paws of a GIGANTIC horse-sized dog, who looked quite astonished and gave it a sniff with its slimy nose.
hmmm, but I still like it very much and hopefully it will produce another {in three years time probably}.

I am going to be waiting everyday for that orange to ripen, then im going to gobble it up.

still lots more to do for the shop this season, but im getting there!

by the way, those bulbs are Hyacinth, Narcissus, Crocus and also those little blue ones that look like bluebells but are different, y'get me?

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