a 1970s child

11 January 2011

latest junk additions...
I'm sure i had some of these when I was little?
Now-a-days, kids have toys that I don't know how to operate.

But how cool, they do tricks too...

thats GOT to be hours of fun, right?

in amongst the bunch, i found this less two dimensional fellow,all on his tod.
am I right in thinking this is from an antique Noah's Ark set? so if you have a missing goat...
tough, cause he's mine!

is there no end of 70's craft manuals to be had in the charity shops?! this one has a particularly amazing medley of activities ranging from cardboard furniture, candles that look like food, canoeing and bread sculpture. But, i jest you not, check out this AMAZING cardboard desk...

right thats GOT to be a do-er. but where can obtain such huge slabs of corrugated card I wonder?

canoeing is next on the list for sure.

and, I actually did need this.

It wasn't until i look at the contents I realised in is B-C in a collection of books, so that explains the bread making and canoeing, ahhhh I see!

and for the benefit of a certain Nicola, here is Elvis...

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