woolly cat jumper and twig scrumping

2 December 2010

we were a bit worried that Plimsoll seemed not to be going outside since its been snowing, and therefore not going to the toilet {she does it outside somewhere}. We thought she should try her woolly jumper, that it might encourage her a bit...but no, straight back indoors she went.

we went out to the woods in the morning to collect some more twigs and leaves for our jewellery shop display, we tried to go to work but got as far as the cafe when we realised there were no buses. So we were forced to have a nice lunch in the caf before heading back home again.

it was lovely in the woods, we felt like we were on a skiing holiday! {I have never in my life, been on a skiing holiday, but this is what I imagine it is like}

 This is a massive old Yew tree, but it looks like Grandpa Christmas tree, all tired and weepy.

 the snow nearly submerged my wellies!

 this robin was completely spherical!

I felt {and probably looked} just like a five year old!
Its still snowing right now, this is quite rare for London before Christmas so may not be that exciting to readers from Canada and Iceland!

Oh snow don't go X

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