Leeds Castle

29 December 2010

a few days ago, during the time between christmas and new year, when you don't even know what day it is, we went castle browsing...this is a pastime of the junkaholics.
here we have Leeds castle, which is not in Leeds, it is in Kent.

with beautiful snowy grounds, with ponds and streams and moats, with white peacocks and black swans...

i thought a black swan was a mythical creature or the name of a pub, but no, they actually exist and are rather beautiful. in my opinion, much friendlier than there white relatives. a few pairs live here and they do not mix with the other white swans in the next pond { i don't blame them as they are nearly twice as big and very cross all the time!}

when its so cold that all water freezes over, and you hear on the news about someone falling through the ice. I always thought to myself  'what an idiot would walk on the ice!' but there is something strangely alluring about frozen water that makes you want to step onto it, even run and prance across it like an Olympic figure skater, i managed to control the urge though...

i satisfied myself with a prod.

seems like lots of christmassy stuff goes on at the castle, and a dog collar museum?

 we had lunch in a barn with some impressive fairy lights.
i dont think there are any castles left in the south east that have not enjoyed our company...time to build our own maybe?

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