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24 November 2010


a few photos from the graveyard today. I reently found that tapestry bag and thought I'd put it on the bucket tree...however now I see the photos, I really want to keep it! I have to be strong and make a decision. some other things I'm wearing are:
tweed jacket I bought in Tokyo, its made of recycled fabric. Angle winged top, a bargain from ebay, silk skirt from Leather Lane market near our workshop, tights H&M, brogues from Kate Kanzier with liberty fabric laces made by me, onyx, garnet and 9ct gold necklace available at RUST workshop, and my Grandma's brooch.

this top is like a poncho! but I love the huge lace details, I like a bit of lace but not too much at once.

it was so cold out there, my hands went frozen and it was difficult to set the camera! also i forgot to bring the clip for the tripod so the camera was just balancing on the top precariously. Anyway, the light was so beautiful today that I got some satisfying shots, mostly with my face obscured or out of focus thank goodness!

right, so now we REALLY have to clean up our flat, we literally can't move in it! Since we decided to actually buy our own place very soon, we seem to have lost interest in where we are living now. But we are spending Christmas in this tiny flat, just the two of us and I really want to enjoy it, y'know, making mulled wine and mince pies, eating chocolate and clemintines and watching telly...can't wait! so I have to make it nice for that and the decorations of course. I should really just get on with it instead of writing about it!

...take care of your good selves x

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