RUST wearing {part two}

2 November 2010

I had a LOT of fun today. Project brief was, to take some more RUST jewellery photos, which I am hoping to use on our website and/or printed literature. however, once I had opened up the stash of vintage clothes under our bed...I got carried away somewhat, putting on all the things I wish I could have the opportunity to wear to some glamorous ball or something. So here are some of the 50 finished photos that show more clothes than jewellery! {I do have some more close-ups of our jewellery too, honestly!}.

In the first photo, I'm wearing a 1930s purple silk velvet and rhinestone jacket, sequin vest {originally from miss selfridge} and a collapsible top hat from flea market.

RUST Jewellery: silver floral carved bangles, hare and quartz necklace, 9ct gold art deco pearl ring and cameo ring

Below; 1930s black lace bias cut dress, RUST long silver heart locket with silk bow.

I found this mask in a flea market in Paris. We used to do Paris Fashion week four times a year, and used to turn up late from going to the markets in the morning....I think everyone there thought we were a bit bonkers!

I'm also wearing RUST silver teardrop locket, gold round tag necklace and 9ct gold cameo ring again {all available from our workshop}

this is my absolute favourite dress {which I now realise I should have given it a press before taking photos!}  it is made of fabric that was cheap in the 1930s, acetate...kind of like fake silk taffeta. It came to me in a poor state, and had HUGE frills on the sleeves and hem. I had to remove them as they were in a bad way! I sewed up all the holes and repaired the ruching at the back. I love the idea that someone who wasn't well-off, made this dress {or mum made this dress} for the night of her life! In the 1930s seems like all they did was to go to glamorous parties I can rarely find any normal day wear from that era.
Check out that HUGEMUNGOUS solid silver rose ring! That is from one of our shows in Paris, we sold a few but made it to be a centre piece to a smaller collection. It recently come back to our London shop from Tokyo. It is amazing! {although not too practical as it is soooo heavy!} it is mounted on a 9ct gold band. I guess one day it will have to be i hope someone buys this last one!

this dress is from the 1920s, it's silk chiffon with bugle beads on the edges. I bought it on ebay from the states for about £1.80p and a few quid for the postage. It has a few small holes, but I don't care! I wouldn't wear any dress that old if it was immaculate...I'd give it to a museum!

bit difficult to see in this photo, but I'm also wearing an 18ct gold snake ring with ruby eyes! we have this ring available in silver online {without rubies though!} but Nao made me this one for my 30th birthday, its engraved inside the whole length of the snake! You can order it in gold from our workshop but it costs a lot more than the silver one.

so that's it I guess! by the way, i should have mentioned at the start that it was kind of my intention to look a bit OTT festive party stylee...for the impending 'C' word.

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