knole park & greenwich

10 November 2010


Yes I am still alive! Its been a whole week since my last post, sorry about that! I had a nasty cold on the weekend. Not that that would put me off blogging, but I can't seem to upload any photos and my head cold couldn't deal with working out computer problems! I tried to do this post 4 times now! Anyway, here are some photos of what we've been up to. They are all in the wrong order, the first ones are the last ones. On Saturday, with snot and hot eye balls etc... we went for a trip to Knole Park in Kent. It was lovely and there are lots of tame deers there too. The house is closed this time of year, so we just strolled around and had some lunch there. Afterwards we went home via Greenwich and watched the sun set from the Observertory and had a wander around the Royal naval college grounds. It was super dooper nice. But on sunday my temperature rose again and i was in bed all day. At work I am in the midst of making a new batch of necklaces for the online shop. Just have to solder and Assay them. They are all made out of vintage bits and bobs, lots of weird and wonderful things! But they are one-off therefore. I'll take a few peeky pictures today hopefully!

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