little diamonds and new necklaces

10 November 2010

I just took these pictures {it was a bit dark so they are a bit fuzzy sorry!} these are our new RUST little diamond collection that I was on about last week. We have champagne diamonds and white diamonds in rings necklace and earrings! The diamond rings we thought, would be nice worn together. I love them all, they are small and modest but extremely flattering I'd say. I sound like a sales staff, but honestly I better get one for xmas or there will be fury in the junkaholic's household ; )

and these are some new necklaces that I mentioned earlier, they are mid-creation {I haven't soldered them yet!} and there are a few more to come. And look look, I found some more of those fish! Funny when you find something in the market, and then they pop up all over the place! They are lovely, I have some more which are slightly different too. {I'm also in love with that tired looking donkey, arhhh!}.

We are off to West End now, Nao's getting his hair cut, and I'm in search of some new trousers. Have a nice evening X


  1. Oh, I love those rings. They're so delicate and lovely!

  2. the cards make for such a lovely display.

  3. I really love those butterfly backing cards!

  4. I'm itching to get my hands on one of these pieces! When will they go up on rust shop?

  5. I love your work! It's all so dainty and pretty.

    (Moon Face)

  6. honey buy me this ring!lol it's cute and awesome.


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