15 November 2010

a lovely jubbly frost beheld Plimsoll and I this morning. Madam was concerned about getting her paws soggy at first, but then was hypnotised by the delightful aroma of icy grass.

we sat and looked on at all the wonders of nature...Plimsoll with whiskers twitching, I, with shutter release twitching...

I'm sure we were both thinking the same thoughts...Blimey, where'd all this ice come from?

even the dew drops had frozen in their tracks.

about an hour after, the sun began to rise and things started melting.

and a steamy blanket covered the meadow.

and Plimsoll was thinking..."How absolutely extraordinary!" least that's what she looked like she was thinking.

suffice to say, Nao did not venture outside today, as he has caught my bug from last week. I found him like this...

One could except missing one button under extreme fever and confusion, but missing three? I wonder what am I going to find when I get home.

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