cups & a cunning cat

13 November 2010

Oh how lazy I have been today...out of bed at 11.30...down the caff by 12.30...superdrug & primarni for tights then back to bed for 17.00. Tea + choccy biccy + James Bond + blog, then tortellini or Indian Takeaway for dinner! Its TERRIBLE! I was meant to do so much today.
Anyway, I found some nice tights/socks/jeans/t shirts to add to my winter wardrobe. Tomorrow I hope to be adding some new stock to The Bucket Tree {fingers crossed!}.
I took these photos of around our flat during the last couple of days. I like the reflection in our cupboard, during one super sunny morning...

these cards, which we used at our wedding, are now adorning our wall...

also, I just wondered if it is only us that have the most moody, unpredictable cat?
she hisses to me about five times a day. Sometimes she is the picture of feline friendliness, purring away all doe eyed...then the next minute she is like the Tasmanian devil, all teeth and claws! Lately she finds catching my feet, her new past time. As I walk into the room, she is hiding just waiting for her attack. Or, just sticks her arm out, just when I'm walking past her trip me up no doubt!
I can tell that she spent a long time planning her moves, and seems to revel in her glorious success, and my claw-punctured foot. She makes no such attack at Nao, and I am beginning to take it very personally.

EVIL. What can I do to stop this terrorising cat!

* I should mention that I love Plimsoll to bits even though she takes pleasure watching me suffer.

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