some junkaholic fashions & a SALE!

13 October 2010

blimey it's all very busy at junkaholics residence...lots of deliveries were wrapped and packed today, plus our usual RUST jobs. Anyways, I did have enough time to take some snaps in our garden the morning.

this bag is a new arrival in the stock drawer for the bucket tree. I absolutely love it {as with all bucket tree stuff!} I would keep it for myself but I try not wear leather as much as possible {except shoes}...although it's a tough decision when I find lovelies like this!

I also found that brown mohair blanket recently, and it makes a nice cape I think? Its kind of flowers shaped with petals! I found two similar, so the other is destined for the bucket tree...its a different colour and not mohair....I wish i could keep them both. The dress is from Primarni {I heard a girl on a bus in Peckham calling it that an i laughed my head off}
mean time...Nao was wearing this today...

looking dapper in his aran jumper and {ahem ahem} handwoven scarf, actually the first ever scarf I made! It's silk and linen.

Also, and actually the reason for this post! We are having a smallish sale over on the Bucket Tree, I need to make space for some new items, so it will only be going on for two weeks.

Have a nice evening everyone {especially Chilean miners, welcome back!}

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