osterley park

3 October 2010

today Nao and I went off to a carboot. It was a bit of a let down as it was mostly just dvds and baby clothes, so we were mildly disappointed, but hey you win some you lose some!
we managed to sniff out a few things {which you can see at the bottom of this lengthy post!} that made the trip worth while.

after that we had some free time, so we found the nearest stately home to have a nose around.
we ended up at Osterley Park...which was HUGE and we a great time oohing and ahhring, and snapping away at the ol'camera.

* by the way* I'm having a LOT of troubles with blogger of late and I can't seem to write where I want so I guess you can just have a look at the photos {there are a lot} and maybe it will get sorted soon otherwise I might have a break from blogging until they've fixed the new uploading/editing stuff. Anyhoo, Osterley house is well worth a visit! this is what we saw...

I loved everything about this place {except the outside that's why there's no photos of that!} the woodwork, wall colours, marble stairs, huge kitchens, elegant library with secret door leading to the wine cellar, the four poster beds, the golden steps to help you get into your four poster bed...need i go on?

I tell you, this place is right up my street.

I'd swan about feeling like I was in a Jane Austin novel, tinker about on the harpsichord before eating a breakfast of quails eggs and then do some cross-stitch or something that accomplished young ladies do to acquire a husband.

Um, is that really just to get from one floor t'other? that stair well is five times the size of our flat.

and these are our carboot finds!

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