wedding accomodation

17 August 2010


welcome to our wedding tent!
we stayed in here during our wedding, and even got ready in our wedding clothes in there too.
{I should add that buying the tent worked out much cheaper than staying in a hotel, and we could also use it afterwards too!}

I absolutely love this tent, it is so light and airy inside, just makes you want to have a nice snooze and listen to the grasshoppers.
this is outside my Mum's house, it is right on the edge of a cliff, whilst having fantastic views, it was a tad windy and thought it might actually take off at one point!
But this tent is as robust as you can get and didn't budge an inch.

we cramed it full of my mum's fairy lights {yes we had a power cable of course!} which made the whole tent glow like a lantern.

we are planning to go for a little honeymoon camping trip soon, but think we will wait for better weather and maybe for the school holidays to finish!

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