Nao's eye view

25 August 2010

how funny! I picked up Nao's phone yesterday and found all these photos he'd taken that I didn't know about. It's like a peak into Nao's world. Most of his phone memory is taken up with videos of me dancing, doing impressions and generally being an idiot, that are too humiliating to post {I bet he has secretly posted these on youtube or something!}.
It took me a while to figure out what I was doing in these two photos, but I'm actually rescuing an ant that seemed to be going in circles. Of course!
I bet you are starting to be a bit concerned about my mental welfare now aren't you?

and there are loads of photos of Plimsoll being cute...

happy cat...dreaming of Sheba finest cuts of  tuna with prawn.

this is in Spitalfields market, check out the parrot...

its a real, alive parrot! I couldn't believe it, but actually moved!

this is at Kempton park market, I liked this jacket, but it was WAY too big, booo.

at the old coffee house, Spitalfields, planning how we are going to make lots of money.

at our local Italian restaurant, it's like our second kitchen, we go there ALL the time because it is so cheap and tastes AMAZING!
...and is only 10 yards from our house.

buying our wedding flowers at New Covent garden flower market, to take to our wedding on the isle of Wight.

at Ardingly antiques fair, I bought this jacket two SECONDS later!
{please excuse crumpled dress, I got ready at 4am in the dark!}

a new friend on the Isle of Wight, note my naturally curly frizz hair {just been in the sea}

sur la mer

walking to the beach, Nao in bad mood.

eating small tub of ice cream.

Plimsoll didn't tell us that she has converted to Buddhism, hmmm?

so go on, check your partners phone pics, I dare you!

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