8 August 2010

I don't know why, but in the last week before our wedding, i seem to be more and more accident prone than ever. I've head-butted the door and the shelf and scalded myself with the kettle, fell down the stairs on the bus, and today, in THE most spectacular fashion, almost killed myself making my way across the harsh and unconquerable terrain of... our garden.
After tripping over a brick whilst carrying our new camera, i then caught my other foot in a power cable, and then fell completely arse over face! Giving my bonce a good whack on the concrete step for good measure. Why can I not go one week without inflicting any injuries to myself?

I have a bump on my forehead the size of a conker, and after thinking that i was going to die of a brain haemorrhage, I was eventually calmed down with a cup of tea and choccy biccy.

So that brought the swift end to my plan to make 50 of these...

well, I might look like the bride of Frankenstein but at least I'm still alive {touch wood}.

The camera hit the ground too, although suffering some cosmetic dents to the zoom, it still works thank god!
Oh dear.

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