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4 July 2010

yes it's true, my wee shed was shown in the Independent On Sunday!
Although, they used my picture without mentioning me at all, how rude I say?'s kind of nice to know that who ever reads it, and liked the photo might think 'I wonder where that shed is? Hmm...'mystery! I like it.

I especially like the proximity of the word 'NEWS' to my shed picture, is there really nothing more important going on the world to use up this space? 
OOooooh no...because sheds are very serious business, and the finals are tomorrow (monday) and someone will be crowned 'shed owner of the year'! 

I have to say though, i don't think it is "the last bastion of masculinity" as men usually dominate the 'garage' area which is actually part of the house, even requiring planning permission...the shed is just for storing the junk they didn't want in the garage isn't it? anyhow, it would be nicer if men and women could just enjoy their sheds (or garages) together in harmony, but I suppose there's only room enough for one!!

apart from that...
 today we have been on a mission to make more things for our wedding, I can't really show you anything of it as it will be giving away a bit too much, so I'll save it for the big day (or sort of small day, is what we are marketing it as!)

but... look at these fishing lure light-pulls that Nao made today! It's like a cross between fine art and a philosophical revelation...we needed a light-pull, we own lots of useless junk (i mean treasures), and then the two somehow collided in a poetic duet of perfectness!

well done Nao X

another bit of purfectness...who seems to get a lot of mentions on this blog for doing very little...her Royal Highness, Duchess Laziness of East Dulwich. I like the way she just collapses in front of me, like just even standing was too tiring...however despite her best efforts, I don't think her life is that hard.

get up,... and catch some flies!
(only joking, you are paying your keep by making us smile everyday!)

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