shell wedding ring box & blackberries

24 July 2010

so so sleepy today i am, all this wedding business is a lot of job, which plus my normal job, means not much time for relaxing! Today, I lined a cockle shell that my Mum found on the beach on the Isle of Wight. It's just begging to be a wedding ring box i thought, and seeing as we presently have Liberty fabric coming out of our ears at the moment, we thought it should be a Liberty shell!

I have at last finished my wedding ring and it has been beautifully engraved by our fantastic engraver, I just finished polishing it and now it is at the Assay office having it's hallmark put on. Until then, I have displayed my engagement ring in the shell for the purpose of showing you! 

{Nao, sadly, has yet to choose his ring design...tut tut tut!}

it was mighty tricky to do actually, I'd imaging the next step from this would be to make a tailored suit for a mouse (or that might even be easier?) Anyhow, I managed at least to cover the inside and also strengthened the natural hinge. Next I have to make a little catch from gold wire {or ribbon maybe?} to keep it shut.

Thank you cockle, your house will look lovely on our marriage day!

After that I had a little wonder in the meadow and through the graveyard and found even more secret places that i didn't know existed, Plimsoll came with me too, she's a bit scared to go that far unless a human accompanies her! it was a bit like taking the dog for a walk. She loved sniffing where the fox dens are and then, she comes bounding back to me if I've walked off to far!
With the help of Plimsoll (who is a cat I should add) we came back with these...

and these flowers, which although look like weeds, they smell of honey and vanilla!

these flowers came from a shop today, but i like them too! : )

{...after that, I ironed folded and tied 35 napkins! Just blog and bed for me!}

We've already had more sun this summer than the last three summers put together! Please stay like this for  14th August! X

P.S. I'm playing with my blog layout, as you can see! I'm still working on it...need to edit my banner etc, but please bare with me! 

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