one month till wedding!!!

14 July 2010

Cripes, yikes, blimey governor! I'm going to be a exactly one months time! holy macaroni!
I can't say its been a walk in the park to organise this wedding, but we have had some lucky last minute cancellations that meant we could get wedded on the day we wanted. We found a lovely chap who owns some land we can use, some cheap marquees on fleabay, second-hand plates and cutlery that Nao is currently polishing up nicely! Chairs and tables are all being delivered, food organised, and transport booked. Dress made! headdress made (although not 100% decided on). Invitations sent and decorations have been streaming out of my shed like a mountain river! Yes,...its all coming together!

Its been might hot of late, and working in these temperatures has been a bit sticky! I think I must have made, hmm,...about half a mile of bunting by now!

Nao has been a gem, supplying me with noodles at feeding time, sshhhhlllup, ahhh!
Then straight back to these tiny four walls!

It is soooo difficult to restrain my blabbering nature and keep schtum about all that we are making and planning, but I feel it should all be kept for the big day! But, I'll post everything as soon as I can, I promise!!

Today I am after a generator and a cat sitter, it looks like the cat sitter is sorted otherwise we might have to bring Plimsoll to the wedding, teeth and claws and all!
I had A LOT of trouble buying our bell tent, they are for sale half the price in Holland but they wont sell to a UK resident because they are supplying the same tent to a retailer here, their price is nearly double! BOOO!
Anyhow, 4th time lucky we managed to secure one, a lot more expensive but its a bit better spec so that makes me feel a tad better. We are off to the venue this weekend to drop off all the massive load - marquees, tent, duvets, cushion, lights, plates, cutlery, vases, table cloths, blankets, bunting, name it, its going, and it has to fit into a tiny hired car! Uh oh...another worry.

I'm trying not to panic, we went for a walk along the river on sunday, t'was pleasant and definitely I feel more relaxed now! Goodness me...what a to-doing! (but I can't wait!!!)

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