O sunny

10 July 2010

Cor blimey it's lovely weather here in London isn't it?
Here are some latest meadow photos...

i love the muffled sound of the heat and all those twitching grasshopper legs! It feels like the south of Italy here today!

all my plants have died though, neglected and thirsty, amazingly this clematis is still clinging for dear life to the wall of the shed!

too hot to do anything! I tried to do the housework but just felt overwhelmed and faint! So after cutting more fabric for bunting on the garden table, i headed into the shed for the 4th weekend running!  Whilst Nao had a snooze!

and Plimsoll had a nap.

such a beautiful light came into the shed to see me!

I did get to have a little break though, and put my feet in a tub of cold water...ahhhh, t'was bliss!

this is the view through shed curtains...

apart from bunting, I have been making all kinds of things for the wedding. i had the idea to make lavender bags, but my first prototype looked like a tea bag, so I gave up on that idea!

I can't bring myself to throw away these tiny scraps! I will have to think of a project to use them up, otherwise i might be turning into a fruit-loop grandma that collects bits of cut up tights and elastic bands!

another worrying fact...I'm passionate about string, I can't walk past a ball of string without buying it, especially the natural type made of cotton or jute etc... look at this beauty, I found this string in Tokyu hands (you can't go to Tokyo without going there!!) it's like the most perfect string i have ever seen. I have been using it for a wedding project today which was thrilling!

more scraps I can't part with, tiny corners I snipped off, what can I make with these Hmmm?

I advise you go and buy yourselves one of these...

from Baileys, its the ultimate summery whiff.

still lots of things to find and buy for the big day...were getting there!

By-the-way, we are going to the workshop tomorrow because a Japanese national newspaper are coming to do a story on us! Hilarious! will keep you posted on that one...

Stay cool everyone! X

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