a magical present from Holland!...and a tent story...

12 July 2010

look at this charming parcel that arrived at our shop today!
What is it, who is it from? I asked.

it came all the way from Holland, from the lovely lady (won't mention your name just in case!) of tea at the vicarage!
How absolutely lovely to receive a surprise parcel, so beautifully decorated with old music papers and (oh wow!) little fish! (me and future mister are both Pisces!) it made my day.

my excitement was building up more and more before I even opened it! But in amongst lashings of crispy tissue paper, I found THIS!

gushing with emotion, I re-read the little message that came with it and it now all made sense!
you see...
I found a pair of similar dishes on the Isle of Wight, and was excited to use them at our wedding, however, upon leaving the ferry, my bag broke and one of the dishes fell out and was smashed into a hundred pieces!
Said lovely lady, found this little dish and thought of me! I love it and I will eat my slice of wedding cake from this plate only.

Thank you so much to you tea at the vicarage, for such a lovely thought, after all the nasty courier companies, landlords, councils, utility companies and other such nasties we've had to deal with lately, my faith in human nature has now been restored!

another delightful bit of news today, we have at last secured our own wedding accommodation...a big mahoosive canvas Sibley tent, it looks a bit like this but more realistic ; )

I am beyond excitement and the thought of spending our wedding night under canvas (with the facilities of my mum's house of course!) fills me with happines!
Nao is slightly less so enthusiastic about camping, i think it is hard to explain the point of camping in actual words. I think this is a Japanese cultural difference, but I am positive I can sway him to enjoy it, and then we can go off on our honeymoon into the sunset together and thus saving ourselves a few bob or two. It hopefully will arrive in a week or so...I am thinking about it constantly...I might live in it forever.

toodle pip for now!

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