a market, an owl, and some answers

6 May 2010

Another day, another market! I found a few goodies like usual and spent a wee bit too much money than I had meant to by mistake. Oh well! I love what I found and I couldn't have walked away from them...that would be just stupid!

This was my big purchase, although a very reasonable price considering, I think it must be around 1920s, some of the bead fringe is missing from the front but i already have a crafty plan to rectify this quite easily. I have no idea when I'm going to get the chance to go anywhere posh enough to wear it, but I will just look at it for now!

I'm gathering quite a collection of these bags! This one has lovely fabric.

a bit of a 1920s theme it seems! I found this framed print, which I think Nao hates, but I love it...so it will be hanging in the shed then.

This wasn't from the market, but i won it on ebay...I sometimes put small bids on many things, and sometimes I win for very little money, I was surprised to win this for just pennies! It's just like receiving little presents in the post, just for me, how lovely. It had all these amazing bits and bobs inside...

after the market, we came across some people advertising Scotland tourism, they had whiskey tasting, fiddle playing and...this beautiful owl! I couldn't stop gazing at him, an amazing creature that seemed completely un-phased by all the people taking pictures of him. 
A few times I found his beady eyes fixated on me and I was concerned he was going to swoop down and carry me off in his talons like a limp shrew. Luckily he was firmly tethered.  

I felt bad at first as I don't like using animals to advertise stuff, but if he helps to bring more money to Scotland, then maybe they can spend more money on looking after their wild owls, right?
He seemed very happy doing what he was doing anyhow {I think his name is Harris!} and was rather lapping up the attention. 

Lastly, another change of subject...to answer a few questions to my last post:

Nath ~ I think you should give it a go, after all, it's better to have tried and failed than to never try at all, that's my motto anyway!!

La Casita ~ I have no idea what modern or traditional approach is?! shows how much I know eh! I can say though, that I used the 'Artemis' method, which I always find easy to follow!

Katrin ~ I didn't use any special upholstery tools. I used a general purpose hammer, steel tacks, a staple gun {I found this very difficult to manoeuvre though, tacks are a lot easier but can damage old wood}, a leather needle {which was too short!} covering buttons, glue, scissors, Stanley knife, polyester batting {I needed to use this because the fabric was very thin and this gives the smoothest finish, I find} calico, linen scrim. I did have to buy some trimming {gimp} and some brass nails to cover the ends. I think it would be easier with the special tools but you can still do without I think.

So, I hope that answered a few questions, thank you all so much for your lovely comments about my chair upholstery, it really makes my day!! 

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