homemade bikini

8 May 2010

with the weather the way it is {wet, cold and generally unappealing} what could be more appropriate than making a bikini in my shed? With the heater on full blast, triple layered with knitwear and cricket in Barbados on the radio...I tackled what I thought would be an easy 30 mins job.

I made it using some vintage very fine lawn cotton from the market and lining made from cotton jersey fabric.
It was difficult to make a 2D shape fit a 3D object! Much easier to use some kind of stretchy fabric, as even though mine is elasticated, it is still not stretchy enough.

oh well! it does just about fit me, and I might just get a chance to wear it this summer once or twice if I am really lucky. I would model it for yous all but unfortunately I'm no Kate Moss, and I wouldn't want to put you off your dinner! 

I'm spending the rest of the day in bed...we are doing another moving job tomorrow, we need to move our office down stairs to the new workshop but we haven't even packed it up yet! I'm so tired and all the moving and painting and floor laying etc etc... is really beginning to catch up with me, think i need a month to recover!

even Plimsoll doesn't want to venture from under the garden table today!
At least all the plants are loving the rainy weather and looking very healthy...

happy Saturday everyone!

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