rich pickings at the market!

15 April 2010

Today was market day...and as you can see we came back with yet more junk. This leather suitcase is so beautifully lined with loads of pockets. I love what bits of stuff you find left inside the pockets...

I found some bargains too, like this hand knit jumper in amazing violet colour, a rather splendid bag, and a silk scarf, all for the princely sum of £12 {my new outfit sorted!}

inside the bag were load of old sewing paraphernalia, tut tut, what a shame eh?

we also scavenged some beautiful old books like this one, with strangely scary illustrations (I won't show you the gruesome ones as it might put you off your lunch)...

lets just say it makes David Attenborough seem like Disney.

I liked the pattern of this book cover.

...and these

...and these!

I loved the colours of this map too, and very handy to have a little colour picker on the side, some nice interior colours maybe? Is this where Farrow & Ball get their colours from do you think?

we found loads of these, which we are going to use for displaying our jewellery.

and last but by no means least, I was charmed by this wee bird with finely painted plumage, he looks very proud so I thought he ought to sit in my shed and keep an eye on things.

apologies for the epic length post, I just had to show you as we managed to get some bargains today.
Most markets in London are so expensive, but its amazing what you can get if you go to the right stall and look in boxes and under tables!

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