my first shed making experience

9 April 2010

So, Friday was our day-off this week as the workshop removals begins this weekend, I know it is going to be utter torture, so we wanted to have a rest before the mayhem begins.
Luck would have it, it was the warmest day of the year so far {I think?} and, we had a lovely stroll to Lordship Lane in East Dulwich, perusing some trendy florists on Northcross Road and ending up at the garden centre. I bought a few growies for the garden and a few packets of seeds - sweet pea, lupins, stocks, poppies and the like. I'm going to shake the packets all over the graveyard at the back of our flat, shhhh don't tell anyone. After a lay in the meadow {behind our flat} I had a sudden burst of creative juice spurt out of my brain...I had to make something quickly. So, my first 'shed making' project - to make some cushion covers from those Liberty napkins I showed you in my last post.

{by-the-way, its actually lucky that I'm just 5ft and 1 inch tall, the shed is the perfect size}

I have to say it was a little bit like heaven inside that shed today!

So, tomorrow {saturday} is the packing and sunday is the big move, after that we still have lots more to do before we make some jewellery to go in the shop for instance!! many more late nights to come {we got home at 12.30am last night}.
Oh dear, I hope it all goes to plan...moving is stressful with a capital S!
Farewell my ethereal friends, you might not hear from me for a bit ...

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