I love Mondays! {when its a bank holiday}

5 April 2010

Today, finally we get to have a rest! Yesterday I was like the Tasmanian Devil, commencing battle on all the cleaning and painting jobs to do at home.
At last the shed is painted inside and out, and looking mighty fine, if I do say so myself. Its like a small house and the only problem with it is that every time I go in there, I suddenly feel very sleepy...something to do with the light maybe? I will have to sort out this problem, as the shed is meant to be a place for working not kipping in!
Waking up to a nice clean flat in nice clean bedclothes and tidy laundry is worth its weight in gold, and I spent this morning, whilst munching crumpets and slurping tea, re-arranging a few new things in frames...like these cutlery and old music papers.

Please excuse the bad quality photos, I'm using my pocket camera, but its not very good for indoor pics.
Do you remember those birds? They've been wrapped up in tissue for ages, I decided they might looks nice on this white stand.

It's funny when you move into a new place, you can't stop re-arranging things! Our flat is tiny, but everything seems to slot in somewhere, somehow.

Even Plimsoll, finds somewhere to slot in, usually in places that I want to keep clean and fur-free!

I also sorted out my desk, transferring a few things to the shed has freed-up a bit of study area indoors.
I will be showing you the shed soon by-the-way, when I get the SLR camera from work, I will try and take some better photos of it.

So, I suppose I should go and change out of my pyjamas now its midday!

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