big market {part two}

21 April 2010

Yes this is me! trying to be lady-like and model my new old dress from the market {see last post}. I absolutely love it! It is silk and is in a bit of oriental style with cross over front and buttons down the side. It is slightly padded so quite warm, but with slits up the side, ooh lala indeed!
It was £25, quite a lot, but she did knock it down a bit for me which was very kind. It looks to me to be from either the 1920s or 30s...I love the fabric, it's pale beige with bright red, yellow and green feathers.

a few more things to add to my collection...a beautiful old cotton and wood parasol. I was standing there in the market, imaging a hot summer day with a nice G&T, sitting with this parasol in the meadow...ah SOLD!
and some knitting needles, as believe it or not, I am in the process of learning to knit!

amazing tiny button! 

yet another crotched blanket! needs a bit of repair, but look at those colours! lovely.

these tiles we bought for displaying jewellery on.

a ship in a bottle! I have a soft spot for these.

been looking for one of these for ages, it's a steamer for cooking our veggies in!

these watch-straps I'm thinking to incorporate with our jewellery somehow, a nice bracelet maybe?
So that's just about it for now... we have just completed a huge wholesale order for Japan so we can get back to concentrating on the new shop! We are already one month over schedule! It's difficult to run a business at the same time renovating and moving workshop, but the worst is over hopefully!

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