golden hands

22 March 2010

I just burgled a charity shop, and I came out with these sewing/making magazines for just 10p each!

They are like works of art, just look at those colours and fonts! and inside, it just gets better...

check out those glasses! And how to make a tapestry glasses case, it just leaves me speechless.

I AM going to do this one, just you wait and see.

What is it? I dunno, but it's better than all that stuff in the Tate Modern, I might go there and stick these on the wall and see what people say!

straight out of Vogue, no?
If I had that waistcoat, I would be very happy for the rest of my life.

no! don't eat it.
nice tunic though, wouldn't mind that for myself.

£1 Ka-ching!

changing the subject slightly, I do have quite a large stock of new items, ready and waiting for the Bucket Tree.
Sadly, I am so busy at the mo, refurbishing the new studio as well as normal workly duties, there will be a slight delay, however, keep an eye on the shop/website/facebook as i will be announcing new stock on there shortly!

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