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17 February 2010

Uh oh, I bought some things for the bucket tree, but I fallen in love with them! It is shameful I know, but the fact that we are moving flat makes me think of having new things. I recently found this industrial clock from the 60/70s and it is perfect for what I had in mind for my new office/studio area (I mean just desk really!) in our new tiny flat. The lamp is a stunner too...just look at this BEAUTIFUL plug! I have never seen the like before!...

Who could have thought that England could produce such a work of art as this plug, it should be in a museum, no?

...and this clock, what can i say! Made in Rhodesia, which I recently discover (I know my education is poor) was Zimbabwe untill 1979. How funny it ended up here, maybe a factory re-located perhaps?

another treasure I bought for the bucket tree, but, can I sell it? the more I look at this camera, the more i want to dash out and find a film for it. Real film is just like magic, isn't it?

oh humpf I hope this will not become too frequent as I will not have any stock for my shop!

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