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29 January 2010

Hello peoples! Isn't it so nice that it is indeed Friday, and tomorrow is meant to be sunny (well, in London anyway, and according to the BBC that is). I have much cleaning, tiding and general putting things away, tomorrow, as the Japanese one they call Nao is coming home!

So no more talking to the cat for me, no more 'tinned' dinners and leaving the washing up till 'tomorrow', I shall no longer be by myself going a little bit like a crazy old spinster!

Anyhoo, as you can see, I have being trying to take some photos of the current display that I did for our Valentine's collection, which has incidentally nearly all sold out already! I think lockets have been really popular lately, especially on long chains...I have to make more soon.

It was dark in here and I am desperate for a tripod, so sorry they look fuzzy, but you get the idea!

These little domes are actually butter dishes, we bought them from a little interiors shop, just opened on Bellenden road, Peckham called Old Villa. We bought lots in there, doing our bit to support small local businesses!
Have a lovely weekend!
By-the-way, those flowers are vintage velvet nasturtiums! The porcelain feathers are from Liberty's and the book is a Latin dictionary full of meaningful quotes, molto romantico, no?
Or just cheesey nonsense maybe!

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