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24 January 2010

Well this weekend I have spoken to only one person, and even that was on Skype from the other side of the world...therefore I have been inwardly thinking about life in general, and have created a big cloud of unfinished thoughts and ambitions hanging over my head but without actually being able or bothered to do something about them!

I have been dreaming about moving to a nice place to live somewhere, with no damp patches and puke coloured carpet and with plenty of shelves, how I dream about having shelves!
I suppose I'm getting to that age!

I really don't understand how everyone else seems to have so much money, I mean how do people afford £365,000 for a small house, then a car, then holidays abroad?...and this is quite meagre standards in London terms.
But, if its all about borrowing, then I'd rather have less, and live more. So in the end, I decide that I'm happy with what I've got! but...then I look at the damp patch and the puke coloured carpet, and then the circle of thoughts happen again! blimey.

Anyway, back to the important stuff... yesterday I went out finding junk as usual, and I found these...

A Heidi book and Russian doll reminding me of being a kid again.
A chicken tapestry cushion.

An amazing 1950s desk lamp, various crockery, a glass cake stand, a red apron, a 1930s nightdress case and a wooden handles fabric bag.

Some of these may be appearing in my next shop update.
Happy weekend everyone! And thanks soooo much to those lovely people who voted for me in the Poppies awards!

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