What a load of old junk!

6 November 2009

Yup. For sure. I know it.
I'm like a mad old grandma already. I've noticed after my latest re-arranging of our living room, that the knitted blankets, tartan cushions and various needle work paraphernalia has taken over a tad, from the muted colours of the minimal, industrial urban look that we first had. In fact we used to have an old horse's nose bag hanging on the wall above the fireplace! Yes, indeed!
By the way, I recently used the top suitcase to go to visit my mum on the Isle of Wight, and felt like a war time evacuee from London, like I should have my comics, teddy bear, fish paste sarnies and catapult in there! The other suitcase, I found on the street in central London, filled with coins from the 1960s, still in their brown paper cashier bags, how strange?

My word there are a lots of bright colours and patterns going on...I don't think Nao is too keen, I remember him saying when we first moved in "I want to keep the living room quite masculine"
Ooops, sorry Nao! Women's stuff always takes over in the end!

I need more space! Also, can't stop buying colourful toys in the market, even though we don't have kids...I just like their cheerful look!

I caught Plimsoll, trying to poke her paw through this bird cage, as if to say "I'm just checking".
The birds inside look slightly concerned, I'm sure their expression has changed recently?
Anyway, enough of my banter...back to work!

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