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26 October 2009


my first ever warm thing I made on my sewing machine!

in Japanese wool, with Liberty print covered buttons, and...

a cotton lining! and...

side pockets, lined with black cotton velvet!
I made this yesterday, in a sudden fit of creative energy (probably because the clocks went back!).
I had a Japanese Hippari Kimono style jacket which was way to big for me, so I was going to just make it a bit smaller, but i ended up cutting it up completely and starting again!

Here I had already cut away about 30% of the kimono...I wasn't sure at this stage what I was doing! I had a very small area to work in our troll-sized living room.

I had to put my sewing machine on the coffee table (actually its an old steam trunk!) I got such bad back ache today : (

...then once sewn the body and arm seams, I pinned it to my mannequin to come up with a design, tacking together with pins where I am going to take it in or adjust the length etc...

It ended up looking like this! I made the sleeves gathered slightly using ribbons, and the back hem is slightly longer (rounded shape) to the front to give an interesting shape a bit.

And of course the first use of one of my labels! Exciting! I'm actually dead chuffed with myself that it all seemed to come together without too many hiccups! I wore it to work today, and its quite warm considering its light weight...I think having a lining, even though its just thin cotton, really helps to trap in the warmth.

I love sewing! (when it turns out right that is)

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