24 October 2009

I recently procured these shoes for tuppence or something like that.
I wish very much to be a proper Lady one day and wear women's shoes without looking like a five year old who's just raided her mums wardrobe.

Being a short-arse means that most high heels are way out of proportion to the rest of my munchkin body. But Hooray! I found these shoes that fit my Chimp feet and also make me look a bit lady like, and also like Dolly Parton in 'Working Nine to Five' as these are indeed from the glorious early 80s so, about the same age as myself...we are made for each other!

However, they are a size too big, and in a rather 'pre-loved' condition, but I don't care...they are made in England and that makes me feel all sentimental about preserving their history.
I actually came in to work today (Saturday) as we have to finish the new collection, I was going to take a picture of my desk, it is, without a doubt, the most messy desk you will have ever seen. I bet you would all think terribly of me if you saw it, and wonder how anything useful could be born from such a work surface!
I have to use a mirror on my desk when designing the jewellery to make sure of length etc is right... I just end up looking at my wrinkles most of the time though...

Happy weekend everyone, hope you are enjoying your nice relaxing please, don't feel guilty...

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