don't feel sorry for me...

16 September 2009

...because I live in Peckham! I can't say it's gone un-noticed...

WHY? Beautiful old houses are aplenty...

When I announce the fact that I live in Peckham, the reaction is rather disappointing I have to say.
"Oh God, how do you manage to get to work?", "where is Peckham exactly?", even words like "Ghetto" and "I don't even like driving through Peckham if it's after 11 o'clock" or " I feel like I'm on a Crime Watch reconstruction".
Well, if you live here, then you do become kind of proud. It's actually in zone 2 of central London "gasp, you mean south of the river?" YES.
It's a dense mix of African, West-Indian, Chinese, Indian and Muslim communities that only a city like London could sustain.

I live on an incredibly long leafy road, at one end is a food market where I feel like I am actually in Ghana or Jamaica, at the other end, I could be in Highgate

(huge old 'London Plane' trees)

Petitou cafe, oh. my. god. its soooo good in there!

a nice French lady making beautiful fresh chocolates in her little shop.

sitting in the shade watching things go past...

an amazing pub with well priced delicious food and friendly staff, and you can always get a table in here.

I like the fact that there's a well renowned Art College and one of the most highly respected Institute of Psychiatry in the world (very useful in such a mixed up part of London me thinks!) and a lovely bookshop what more do you need?.
You can leave all that 'East Dulwich' nonsense behind, and meet some very interesting people who do interesting things (and even look interesting).

(stunning old shops just crying out for some local jewellery making people to come and rescue it)

'enough coins for tea & cake?'

So, I conclude... I'm not saying I want everyone to want to come and live in Peckham (I don't want the house prices to go up thank you) but just remember the next time you meet a Peckhamish person, how lovely it is where they live and you might even consider going to visit them one day! Forget about the crime's just a passing phase!
Some other tourist attractions in Peckham are: Bar Story, House Cafe & Gallery, South London Gallery , Peckham Rye Park , and Peckham Farmer's market .
*advice, avoid Peckham Rye Lane at all costs, or cover your mouth and nose!

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