the last of the summer...

31 August 2009

Finally got around to hand washing some vintage clothes, some having their first wash in 8o years!

Learning to ride my bike...

In Peckham Rye park!

And yes, I'm not lying this actually is in Peckham!

First use of the new, old coffee press.

And some homemade Blueberry and Almond cake, which I made myself!

Listening to radio 4, and having a nap in afternoon, its great being old sometimes!

And, another tomato from our garden, this is the strangest one I've ever seen. I thought it was a plum tomato, but its a bit smaller, very peculiar!

More junk market tomorrow...wonder what I'll come back with this time! BBC say the weather will be quite nice, but can I trust them?
I hope so.

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